Ambidata® has two targeted main areas which correspond to two digital solutions: LabWay-LIMS® e InnovWay

LabWay-LIMS® is a global digital solution to any kind of laboratory. It allows the computerization of all areas of the lab starting at the activities schedule and control, sample management, work distribution, results input, Results Report, Budget and Billing, Quality Control, Results Report Web Publishing, Sensory analysis, etc.

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InnovWay is a digital solution that manages all areas of an organisation. It integrates all areas in a standard environment allowing an efficient management of processes and its quality. It holds the areas of Quality, Logistics and distribution, Finance management, Human Resources, Sales Management, etc.


LabWay-LIMS® is a Digital Global Solution for any kind of laboratory, integrating with equipments and Client software.

LabWay-LIMS® is essential in implementing quality accreditation (ISO 17025), in the internal lab management and in the rising demands of Clients, allowing the computerization of all lab areas since activities programming, sample management, work distribution, result input, Results Reports, Budget and Billing, Quality Control, Web posting of Results Report, Sensorial analysis, etc...


LabWay-LIMS® Pathology Anatomy

Solution for Pathologic Anatomy. Eases and helps input process of Sample and Request input , Exam pick up, Microscopic and Macroscopic, Complementary techniques and records classification by topologies Exam report creation, etc...

LabWay-LIMS® Artificial Reproduction Technology

Solution for Medically Assisted Procreation and Sperm Donation Centers.
Digital solution to manage different lab techniques as IN-Vitro Fertilization, Artificial Insemination, Transfer of Crio-Preserved Embryos, Sperm Cito-Bio-Chemical study, among others. The solution ins based in CNPMA (Conselho Nacional de Procriação Medicamente Assistida) (National Council for Medically Assisted Procreation) and it assures total confidentiality of information and complete tracking of all samples and materials used.

LabWay-LIMS® Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics

Solution developed for Histocompatibility Centers and Immunology to control Tissues Typing and organ transplant candidates (kidney, heart, pancreas, etc.) and its donors. Immunologic study of candidate patients or already transplanted, Bone Marrow donors, blood analysis, etc...

LabWay-LIMS® Tissue & Cellular Bank

Solution for Cell and Tissue Bank. Allows reception, treatment, analysis, location and Crio-Preservation of the samples. It stands out by the use of Mobile Devices that allow the increase of safety and performance in the control of the collection of the sample.

LabWay-LIMS® Health-care

Solution for small and medium organizations in heath area, allows the management of stock, suppliers control, consumption control, suppliers budgets management and the full control of material tracking that allow and increased control and calculate the costs involved in all processes.


InnovWay is a digital solution that manages all areas in a organization. It fits all areas in a uniform environment fully integrated allowing efficient management of processes and quality control.


InnovWay QMS

Designed for certified organizations or in process of certification. This solution supports and monitors all processes for a digital quality management, efficient and functional. Regardless of the standard (ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 15189, NP 4457, ISO 14000, ISO 18000, ISO 21000, etc.). This solution covers the areas of Human Resources, Equipment Management, document management, digital forms with work flow control and a area for Business Intelligence that allows proactive information management.

InnovWay SM – Stock Management

The stock Management solution contains several functionalities that allow stock management, stock transfers control and its costs and tracking.

InnovWay HM – Human Resources

This solution allows management of all Human Resources process in a safe and efficient manner such as Vacation Scheduling, Wages processing, responsibilities and training.

InnovWay CO - Accounting

Solutions for organizations that require the integration of all accounting processes regarding General Accounting.

InnovWay SC – Supply Chain

The Suppliers management and Purchase department allows the total follow up of purchase process to suppliers ass well as the choice of the best supplier based on a collection of parameters pre determined. It is responsible for the creation of orders and later shipment, deviation control as well as the reception of merchandise and suppliers payment.

InnovWay SAL - Sales

With this solution it is possible a rigorous control of clients and sales in a centralized and integrated manner. Allows the tracking of all business processes since the order to the sell.

InnovWay FI – Finance

The treasury management allows a set of tools essential to the payment control, receipts and financial values of the company. It is fully integrated will General Management, Wages and Accounting.

InnovWay LOG – Logistics

Logistics and distribution solution offers all functionalities to manage Logistics and distribution operations, national and international (import and export). Automates all processes of merchandise reception, locating and expedition.

InnovWay MOB – Mobile

Mobile solutions allow access to critical information of your business at any moment and place and In-Place information collection.