Workshop DigitalLabs | 2nd Edition Porto, Portugal

The first edition made in April 2013, in Lisbon, had the participation of around 40 entries, in several differente laboratory areas. Come find with us what tools can you use to help transform your laboratory in a Digital Lab and what advantages may have using an integrator and unifying system, which only goal is to improve existing processes and increase produtivity.

Integration between laboratories using LabWay-LIMS®

When you laboratory subcontracts testing analysis, has subsequently to transcribe manuallw the results? What if you could have the two laboratories integrating results through LabWay-LIMS® Currently, it is possible two (or more) laboratories, which have LabWay-LIMS® report their results in an automated way!

LabWay-LIMS - ES

LabWay-LIMS Digital Book with técnical and functional information about our Lab's Solutions in Spanish

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