Who we are

Ambidata – Digital Innovation Solutions & Consulting, Lda is a reference among Portuguese technology companys with a highly specialized team with over 90% superior education degrees. Ambidata was created in the year of 1999 and now has offices in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal and Madrid (Spain)

Ambidata ® develops and supplies Innovative Global Digital Solutions and consulting to Analisys Labs, which possess the ability to produce a totally digital working environment, with no paper records including LIMS Solutions and Solutions in Quality Mannagement and ERP Solutions

We have clients in innumerous areas:

  • Water Supply and Analysis;
  • Processing and food Analysis;
  • Air and gaseous effluent;
  • Chemical and Petrochemical industry;
  • Pharmaceutical industry;
  • Liquid effluents;
  • Construction and Construction Materials;
  • Pathologic Anatomy
  • Medical procreation centers and Donor centers
  • Histocompatibility centers
  • Shipping and transportation companies
  • Media
  • Etc…

We assure all the value chain of our solutions: create, develop, implement and assure all technical assistance after sale. We assure our costumers the implementation of Digital Solutions with a high success rate and satisfaction.

At the present day we are leaders in the Portuguese market and are internationalized in several countries:(Spain, Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil and Mozambique).

Ambidata® is a PME Excelência for Company Excelency and certified by the ISO 9001:2008 standart and Portuguese standard for IDI, NP 4457:2007 (Ideas and Innovation). We belong to the network PME Inovação COTEC for innovation. All our products Ambidata® are Microsoft certified, and the source code registered at ASSOFT. All our brands are registered trademarks.


Our goal is to help create a future in which organizations use digital tools in a totally integrated manner. We want to supply Value and Satisfaction to our Clients and Partners through innovative Digital Solutions capable of optimizing existing resources and supply a better quality service, developed and implemented by high experienced team, highly motivated and dedicated to business.

Quality Policy


Through a innovative philosophy of research and constant developement we want to conceive, supply and implement Software Solutions to meet the needs of our clients, presenting a set of innovating solutions to obtain productivity gain and quality.

To do so Ambidata® develops methodologies and work tools to meet our clients knowledge and focuses all it's energies in the development of innovative solutions whit the propose of assuring they’re satisfaction.

To Ambidata recognizing the value of new ideas and most of all knowing how to implement them in a simple and effective manner is our most important asset. The experience and competence and the commitment of a highly motivated team; the integrated vision of the business and the development that meets the clients and market needs.


  • Keep, update and improve the implemented quality system according to referential standard ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee the keeping the company’s certification.
  • Maintain the internal communication policy and disclosure of the quality system assuring that all employees, know it, understand and respect it in daily activity and contribute to its evolution and improvement.
  • Assure the continuous improvement of processes and internal procedures to reinforce internal competences existing in the areas of Management and Organization that distinguish us form other companies in the market.
  • Guarantee our clients maximum satisfaction, and they’re loyalty, supplying high quality products and solutions , unique and valuable, at the best market price.
  • Assure a good working environment and maximum motivation and satisfaction of employees, encouraging the total involvement and participation.
  • Encourage continuous training and professional updating of the entire team.
  • Guarantee the continuous update of the quality system and services that Ambidata offers to its national and international clients.
  • Guarantee the reaching of the company’s strategic goals fulfilling the implemented management systems.

Statement on Quality Policy

The quality system implemented in Ambidata is intended to fulfill the demands of ISO 9001 standards – Quality Management Systems. The top management declares and compromises to assure the good professional practices, the quality of services, as well as fulfill all activities described in the Management Manual and the goals defined in this policy.

Our organization

Estrutura da Ambidata

Ambidata is structured in five autonomous and complementary units.

  • AIS – Ambidata Internal Services Is the support unit to Ambidata Activity. This unit assumes, among others, the management responsibilities and the budget control, quality management, human resources and Zero Carbon Plan.
  • ASMC - Ambidata Sales, Marketing & Communication Unit that assures all commercial activity, participation in events, communication and image.
  • AST – Ambidata Support & Trainning Is the unit responsible for outer relations for the Partners and Client areas and the management and control of support activities. Includes the help desk activities; support; solution control and Ambidata Academy
  • ASC – Ambidata Solutions Consulting Unit resposable for the implementation and follow up activities for the implementation of digital solutions in clients and partners.
  • ADS – Ambidata Digital Solutions Is the software unit responsible for the development of digital solutions. It is internally organized in two teams for each product LabWay-LIMS® and InnovWay


Certifications and Partnerships

Ambidata ®, in result of its quality policy, sustainability and innovation, developed a set of certifications and partnerships that can support its strategy of continuous improvement and projection in national and international markets.

Ambidata ® has its Management System RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) certified, according to NP 4457:2007. Ambidata ® is the 1st company in the IT sector company and the 12th nationally to be certified by this standard.

Ambidata ® is currently certified by ISO 9001:2008. The certification was obtained in 2007, at the time, according to ISO 9001:2000.

Ambidata ® has it’s software tested and certified by Microsoft, and is currently Microsoft Partner Gold Application Development. This competence demonstrates that the solutions presented to customers were subject to a rigorous approval process and auditable.

Ambidata ® belongs to the network of SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Innovation COTEC. The network was established to develop skills of SMEs and aims to promote public recognition of a group of SMEs that by their attitude and innovative activity, are examples of value creation for the country.

Ambidata ® is a SME Excellence. This is a business qualification status created by IAPMEI, awarded to companies that meet the following criteria: Belonging at 2 first levels of rating (AAA or AA), based on the Annual Finances Report and fulfill a set of financial requirements, supported in the financial statements.

Ambidata ® is associated with the of Competitiveness and Technology TICE.PT division, Information Technology division, Communications and Electronics. The TICE.PT's strategy aims to build a global platform for consultation involving and mobilizing key TICE actors in the processes of innovation, R & D, knowledge transfer advanced training, development, production and marketing of products and services, marketing and internationalization.

Along with certifications, Ambidata has its trademarks and software registered, and participates in various programs at the national level as the "Buy what is ours" and "Club SMEs International".

Ambidata® is a member of CPP - Punctual Payment Commitment!



What are our priorities and personal/company values?

  • Honesty
  • Dedication
  • Proactivity
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Frugality
  • Cooperation
  • Trust
  • Fun

At Ambidata ®, we see ourselves as part of something larger and most of all important, value generators. We operate under strong personal and corporate values, with the aim of providing a close and intimate way added value to our customers and partners. We like to be pioneers, applying innovation to everything we do, helping both our customers and partners to face the rapidly changing world in which we live. This innovative and pioneering approach is sustained in 18 years experience and over 130 clients in various business sectors.

Environmental and social responsibility

Emissões e Sequestro de CO2


"Carbon sequestration is a process of removing carbon dioxide. This process occurs mainly in oceans, forests and other places through photosynthesis, capturing carbon and releasing oxygen in the atmosphere. The capture of carbon dioxide (CO2), avoiding it’s emission and stay in earth’s atmosphere. "

Source Wikipedia

Ambidata ® aims to eliminate their CO2 footprint by 2020. For this has undertaken a number of initiatives such as purchasing hybrid vehicles, planting trees and encouraging their employees to use transportation less polluting and shared whenever possible.

Goals & References

At Ambidata we have a vision of the future. A future where understanding the Environment is deep in all, a future where the environment and Computing enable us to go further and further.
Ambidata favors providing solutions to its customers. For this reason, contact with the customer begins with exhaustive survey of their needs, in order to propose the best solution. The many years of experience of our technicians are an added value for customers.
We assume fully implementing the solutions we propose. After supply, ensure the customer with the technical assistance necessary for the proper functioning of our solutions.

Our main objective is to serve our customers by providing solutions and products of the highest quality, unique and valuable, at the best market price. For this purpose we gather technician’s with several backgrounds and education and formed a multidisciplinary team specializes in the areas of environment and software development.